How to have a Year-Long Summer

The South African Summer holidays have been so blissful and most, if not all of us beach lovers, are dreading the time that the hot days start turning into icy ones. Do you sometimes wish that Summer would never end? We definitely do! We dream about Chasing Summer around the world – Do you? If so, we’ve figured out a year’s destination itinerary, maybe you can fulfill the dream for all of us!

During this time, you will be able to take part in the TET Festival! It is a wonderful time of celebration in Vietnam. Summer in the South of Vietnam ends around April, giving you plenty time to explore what the country has to offer before moving onto your next destination.

Trust us when we say, Vietnam is HOT! You will want to have something to cover up a bit as well as feel light and airy. We recommend the La Moda Playsuit to take on your adventures around this beautiful and culture-rich country. Available in-stores & online for R1500.00.

La Moda Playsuit
La Moda Playsuit

Romance is in the air as you make your way to Cyprus for the months of May – August! Cyprus has romantic old harbors, windswept desolate beaches and splendid ancient ruins. It is a lovely combination between Greece and Turkey.

Feast on mezze platters while overlooking the lazy beaches, then make your way to see the brilliant ancient ruins around town. We hope you love hummus as much as we do! Hiking is also wonderful to do in Cyprus’ beautiful forests hiding many stunning waterfalls. With their great bus system, getting around will be easy.

Fit into the ancient theme and look super glam in the La Moda 3-Way Indigo Dress for R1899.00 in stores and online.

You’re off to Croatia next, with beautiful clear waters, national parks, fresh seafood, amazing architecture and spectacular views all round! With more than a thousand islands to choose from, you’re sure not to be bored in a country as wonderful as Croatia. Be sure to try Rakija, a local drink that will get you feeling wonderful without a hangover the next day.

The Starfish Beaded Sandles will fit the island vibe just perfectly while keeping you comfortable and stylish too. Available in-stores and online for R1500.00.

In the Summer Time, we have India on our mind! Make your way to Goa, India, for a splendid last month of your Summer-filled year.

Sun, sand and spices! India is filled with amazing sights to see and culture to experience, you will fall in love with the beauty of this country.

Accommodation, food and transport are especially cheap and easy – which will enable you to stay on a low-budget and return home with gifts for your family! India is a bit more conservative, so stay covered-up while keeping cool with the Colour of Fashion Embellished V Neck Long Kaftan for R4299.00. Available in Beach and Beyond stores and online!

Have you visited any of the above destinations? If so, let us know about your experiences there! We would love to hear from you.

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